InVECOF Project Update: M18 meeting. 


Last week, the M18 meeting for InVECOF project took place in Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by AMIRES at the Vienna House Diplomat hotel. 

The InVECOF project has set ambitious goals, primarily focusing on establishing a European production chain for oxide ceramic fibers. Simultaneously, the project aims to pioneer a next-generation oxide ceramic fiber with superior thermo-mechanical properties compared to the current commercial fibers . 

A lot of knowledge and understanding of the fiber production mechanisms have been gained during the past 18 months of dedicated research work. The meeting was insightful and the partners discussed the most important steps to be completed in the coming months. The meeting saw all partners committed to the project and reaching project objectives.  

It was emphasized that the coming months are crucial. The partners expressed their collective determination to work diligently to meet the set goals and drive the InVECOF project to success. 

Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of ceramic oxide fibers, contributing to innovation and sustainable solutions in the European industry. 

In the pictures below, some highlights regarding the event.